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“Cuboid-kun” is a self-navigating autonomous mobile robot that our team is developing. It is operated with differential drive and can carry a payload of 20 kg. The mobile base is intended to be used in houses and office buildings, and therefore has a small footprint of 370 mm inside a square. In addition, the hardware was designed to be reconfigurable, and therefore we can easily attach external modules to the robot, such as a robotic arm.




“MonAr” is equipped with a SCARA-type robotic arm designed by our team. The robot arm has 8 degrees of freedom and can carry a small payload of 500 g. The end-effector is equipped with a vacuum gripper with two suction cups and a compact RGB-D hand camera (RealSense D415). The robot arm was designed for WRS FCSC, where one of the key tasks is to rearrange multiple objects on a shelf. To handle objects within a small space, we designed the robot arm to have a large operation space with thin and compact end-effectors. 




“Cuboid-X” is equipped with xArm 7, a commercially available robot arm with 7 degrees of freedom. This robot arm is composed of large actuator modules and can carry a payload of 3.5 kg although the robot arm has small operation space compared to “Monar”. The end-effector is equipped with a two-finger gripper and a high-performance RGB-D hand camera (Azure Kinect). 



The robot named "SOAR" is an acronym for Shopping Operation Assistant Robot. It features a modular design with detachable and interchangeable parts, including a mobile base, arms, torso, and head, offering high customization. The robot is equipped with an xARM 7, which has 7 degrees of freedom and a torso that elevates the arm, thus expanding its reach and versatility compared to the "Cuboid-X". The head unit is a hub of sensory and interactive technology, equipped with various devices including a RGB-D camera, a zoom camera, a thermal camera, a LED light, a head display, a microphone, and speakers.


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