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Competition History

RoboCup@Home OPL

"RoboCup@Home" is a robotics competition where autonomous robots are assigned various tasks to accomplish in home environments and everyday life. The league includes activities such as Pick&Place and Clean Up, utilizing robot arms.


Tsukuba Challenge

"Tsukuba Challenge" is an annual robotics technical challenge, held in Tsukuba City, Japan, where mobile robots are tasked to navigate autonomously in suburban areas. The goal of this challenge is to advance autonomous driving technology in the outdoor environment, specifically in the environment that people use everyday.

World Robot Summit

The "World Robot Challenge: Future Convenience Store Challenge" is a robotic competition held in the World Robot Summit, where autonomous robots are given multiple tasks to complete in a convenience store environment. Tasks include toilet cleaning, customer interaction, and stock/disposal products. The goal of this competition is to realize the future convenience store where robots can help reduce the burdens of the employees.

World Robot Summit 2020 Future Convenience Store Challenge 3rd Place

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